Saturday, 25 August 2012

Teachers Day

Hello Friends,

We all need a Teacher in our lives to realize our potential....The teacher can be a guru, a friend, a guide, a philosopher.....and a tecaher can be anyone at the same it mother, father, or any other closed can be your friend...your spiritual guru......For me life is the biggest this post is dedicated to all the teachers......with special credit to Shoma Beramji......the craft teacher of my life........

TD-001 (SOLD)

TD-002 (SOLD)

TD-003  (SOLD)

TD-004  (SOLD)


TD-006  (SOLD)

TD-007  (SOLD)

(A special card for language teachers)

                            (If you love numbers then let your mathematics teacher know about it)
TD-009  (SOLD)

TD- 010

(This card was made for my little ones teacher)

TD-012  (SOLD)

TD-013  (SOLD)

Written down few lines saluting the greatest teacher of the all.....LIFE......
hope u ll enjoyin reading it.............thanx

Life is an ocean,
Full of questions.
It questions our existence,
It tests our patience.
Why, what, how, when n where,
All answers are to be found here.

Life is a jouney,
Which shows no mercy.
Be it thorns or roses,
Continue till ones eyes closes.
Death is the body's stop,
Soul still has to reach the top.

Life is a teacher,
Don't let it become a preacher.
It holds n guides,
You just glide n ride.
Forget past or future.
Present needs to be nurtured.

Yet, life is very beautiful,
One needs to live it to the full.
Listen to the inner being,
It always speaks the right thing.
Divine plays a pivot role,
To be one with it is the life's goal.

Navroze Mubarak

Hello Friends,

Made this lovely card for wishing Saal Mubarak to my sweet n loving bhabhi Shoma Beramji and her family......but was not able to upload it as my internet connections were down for last few days.....thanx Shoma for being


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Saluting the Nation

Hello friends,

I love my country and I am very proud to be here....
So these are few cards for the love of the nation.....
Written few lines for the same.....was sending invites to my collegues for Iday celebration....had a great time....enjoyed and had a wonderful breakfast.....

ID 001

                                                                        ID 002

ID 003
ID 004

Friday, 3 August 2012

Rakhi special

Hello friends,
I made silken thread handmade rakhis for my brothers this time......really  enjoyed making them and was quite happy with the result.....and what more could i ask for my brothers were excited to have those rakhis....and one of them even went extra measure and gave me a extra cash for my craft purchase as rakhi gift......also made a frame and a rakhi card....hope u guys will like it.....