Sunday, 15 July 2012

Beaded ear-rings

Hello Friends,

I have made these ear-rings in various colours...hope u ll like it.....

BER 001

BER 002

BER 003

BER 004

BER 005

BER 006

BER 007

BER 008

BER 009

BER 010

BER 011

BER 012

BER 013

BER 014

BER 015

BER 016

BER 017

BER 018

BER 019

BER 020

BER 021

BER 022

Friends are forever

Hello friends,

With friendship day round the corner what better way than to send a card to your friend.....
Here is my friendship day collection ......hope u all will like it.....

FRD 001

FRD 002

FRD 003

FRD 004

FRD 005

FRD 006

FRD 007

FRD 008

FRD 009

FRD 010

Monday, 2 July 2012

Jewellery Designing

Hello folks,

I always wished to design jewellery...but could not never figure out how.....Yesterday went to the market with my husband and son....saw those guys designing jewellery at the road side...just felt the urge to be there and watch....and within few minutes my hands started doing it...I was very happy and excited...just picked up few pieces and bought the tools and ....the moment we reached home I sat down to make it....I am really happy with the outcome....hope you guys will like it......

all these ear-rings are for sale.....if you want on demand they can be made as per your choice....
Rs. 30/- per pair.